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Fluffy - The Neighborhood Dog is our first animated book published to bring children a view of how dogs are great for communities.  It is our first "LOVE Animals Series."  Katrina, one of the main characters became a critical thinker when she thought she would never see Fluffy again.  Teaching our children how to be creative will help their cognizant ability to expand.

ISBN:  978-0-9915335-9-6

2nd Edition

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Being Creative While You Write

Writing and illustrating to produce material where children can learn will help build our communities. Words are important and the correct usage and grammar skills will assist our children in writing correctly.
Look at the picture to your right and send us an email to of what is happening in Katrina's kitchen.
Be very descriptive and expressive when you are writing your story for children. Create learning tools that will help them while they are growing year after year.  
Once you write your manuscript, decide how to describe the illustrations you are looking for the illustrator to draw. The illustrations and the story should match.

The Reality of Fluffy

The Neighborhood Dog

The illustrations inside this book are based on the reality side of having a dog and building a community.  Teach our children the reality side of llfe while demonstrating with what they love about ANIMALS!!!


Each illustration is a painting that is framed and placed on McClure Publishing, Inc. walls to assist children in writing while looking at a picture.

ISBN: 978-0-9790450-8-0 - 1st Edition

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