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McPubKids is an extension of McClure Publishing, Inc. because we feel that there should be a place for children to go and learn about reading, writing, math, and exploring the world through science.  Your manuscript submission should be based on how we will teach children to advance in skills and knowledge.

Developing Character While Reading:


Every book we produce will help children throughout their developmental stage. Ranging from: Early Childhood, 3 to 5, 5 to 8, and 8 to 12 years old. Each lesson will create stages of development for our children's learning ability that will keep children open to learning. This will be a place where children can find ways to succeed in their advancement. McPubKids is created so that children of all ages and adults can have their manuscript published and distributed. 


READING IS FUNDAMENTAL: Producing books that would encourage children to grow and be free to create. Our published material will have children ask the question, "What will I be when I grow up?"  Teaching children to read at an early age, will help them consider their career path.


PROJECTS IN MIND: We will publish material to teach children to be project oriented. Having a plan to produce and complete projects will give children a sense of ownership.

MIND AND BODY:  We will also create material to keep our children active. Mobility skills are necessary to build muscle tone and mental ability to use their minds. Producing books and videos to show children how to play outside / indoor games that will help in this process.


In addition to building muscles, we want children to eat the right foods from the four food groups while exercising. Eating right at an early age, will help children know to eat what is good for the development of their mind and body.  We will publish cook books of recipes that children can prepare in order to eat healthy.


WHAT TO WEAR: Our focus will also be on what to wear and how children will dress for themselves to be comfortable in what they like to wear and not be like everyone else. Writing books to teach individuality skills are also important. Children will learn about what to wear and matching colors and patterns for all occasions learning that being who they are is alright.

PUTTING IDEAS ON THE TABLE: Children will learn how to play through team building. Creating books that will encourage group projects where children can come together to receive information from one another. These projects will include teambuilding, working together and seeing the skills in someone else as being an addition to their skills and not competition.


FAIR PLAY: Being fair while playing games and not being a sore loser, will help children interact with one another and to give kudos to their opponent’s victory. We will teach children how to think effectively while interacting with their opponent. Playing fairly and knowing how to handle themsleves when their opponent is not playing fair.


MANNERISM:  Manners and etiquette is very key because children should learn how to say, "Please and Thank You."  Expressing behavior that is positive is very impressive. Dining out, handling food properly, cleaning and keeping their areas neat are also books that will be published. 


PUTTING THOUGHTS TOGETHER: Thinking before they speak and pronouncing words correctly while socializing with others, will help children learn to communicate effectively. Communicating about how they feel in a positive way will assist children on how to express their feelings correctly. 


Consider submitting material that will develop children in these areas.


“McPubKids will give children a sense of who they are and knowing how to say, 'I do not understand,' which will help them learn how to express themselves.”


This is the place where children can learn how to be who they are and understand that it is okay to be different.

Early Learning


During a child's early years is when development is so important. This is a very critical time of mental and mobile skill development, so when you are writing book material in this area, think about how to develop children at this age. Write the language that they can comprehend.

Ages 3 - 5


Children between 3 - 5 like to read books that will help them memorize information.  Repetition is key. Your manuscript should focus on numbers, counting, adding and subtracting objects, along with letters, words and pictures.  

Kathy McClure


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