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Welcome to our Literary Arts World!

Welcome to our platform where we offer comprehensive services for editing, proofreading, publishing, and distributing children's books. Our aim is to provide content that encourages the development of life application skills, English, math, critical thinking techniques, and much more. Let us help you bring your children's book to life and make a positive on young readers.
FRONT COVER Clemons Van Forer's Freedom - THE ESCAPE by Joshua Augustus Clemons.png

Clemons Van Forer’s Freedom: The Escape is a sequel to Clemons Van Forer’s Freedom. This story is about a boy named John who loves sharing, with his mother, fictional stories he writes about African American history. In this sequel, Clemons’s daughter, Mateia, overhears the plantation owner and overseer talking about selling her brothers, Rob, and Larry. She shares what she has heard with her mother, Shaka. Shaka shares it with Clemons and her sons before they enter their cabin for the night. Clemons does not want his sons placed on an auction block, so, he and his family plan their escape. Their journey to freedom takes them to the area that is now known as the Great Dismal Swamp.

Clemons Van Forer's Freedom - Front Cover.png

The story is about an enslaved man named Clemons Van Forer. Joshua, the author, wrote this story to give to his mother on Juneteenth. His grandmother read the story and felt it was worthy of publication.

The main character, Clemons, had heard stories of a man named Tice Davids escaping to freedom from his owner. His owner said that Tice must have escaped through an underground railroad. Clemons dreamed of one day being able to escape with his family. But until that day, he found freedom through the love he and his family had for one another.

Front Cover - Book in a Book.png


Babies are curious, but are not intentionally harmful. A child can learn to treat books with care.

Book was destroyed and tossed into the trash over and over.

I'm doomed, Book thought.

Until Agatha, lent a helping hand and saved Book!


Fluffy - the Neighborhood Dog

Fluffy's owners are the McNabbs who live

on the same block as Katrina.

Katrina looks forward to coming outside to play with Fully

after she finishes her homework and cleans her room.

He protects the community from any harm

and danger. All the neighbors

love Fluffy.

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Our Books

At McClure Publishing, Inc., our mission is to foster learning and creativity through accessible educational resources for children of all ages. We publish material that is designed to be fun and engaging, while also being challenging enough to promote critical thinking and problem-solving. Whether you’re looking for books or digital resources, our selection is tailored to meet the individual needs of different age groups. We believe that every child has the right to learn at their own pace and at McClure Publishing, we’ll help them do just that!

Learning While We Are Reading

Early Learning

During a child's early years, mental and motor skill development is crucial. At McClure Publishing, Inc., we understand the importance of offering high-quality early learning books to help facilitate this development. Our books are designed to be both engaging and educational, using language that is easily comprehensible for young readers.

Ages 3 - 5 

Our mission at McClure Publishing, Inc. is to provide children in the early stages of learning with books that are informative, engaging, and fun. Our books use repetitive language and bright illustrations to help young children remember concepts related to counting, adding and subtracting objects, letters, words, and basic language skills. We make sure our books are well-written and well-structured so they can be used by educators, parents, and caregivers to provide young children with the best possible start in reading and learning.

Ages 5 - 8

At McClure Publishing, we're dedicated to producing high-quality children's books that promote healthy mental and physical development. We understand the importance of reading in a child's growth and we create books that enhance their skills in counting, adding, and subtracting objects and learning new words. Our books are also designed to be interactive and can be enjoyed on electronic devices. With our team of skilled writers, illustrators, and editors, we ensure that our books are well-crafted and engaging.

Ages 8 - 12

For over 17 years, McClure Publishing, Inc. has been committed to providing children with the tools and resources they need to become successful adults. Our focus is on developing books that are both informative and engaging, making them fun for children to read. We cover a range of topics, from basic life skills to advanced concepts, ensuring that we cater to the diverse needs of our readers. Our books are perfect for children who want to learn new things, while also being entertained.

Different but the same series

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